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Gangwon-do » Yeongwol-gun » Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory (영월 별마로 천문대)


Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory (영월 별마로 천문대)   
Yeongwol Byeolmaro O...
Yeongwol Byeolmaro O...
  • Yeongwol Byeolmaro O...
  • Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory (영월 별마로 천문대)
  • Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory (영월 별마로 천문대)
  • Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory (영월 별마로 천문대)
  • Yeongwol Byeolmaro Observatory (영월 별마로 천문대)
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397, Cheonmundae-gil, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 영월군 영월읍 천문대길 397
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Built on the peak of Mt. Bongnaesan (799.8 meters) in Yeongwol, Byeolmaro is Korea’s largest astronomical observatory. The term ‘Byeolmaro’ combines the words ‘byeol’ (star), ‘ma’ (peak) and ‘ro’ (peaceful). Together, they collectively represent the wish to view stars in a clean and peaceful environment.
The observatory has a total of 11 telescopes, including the nation’s largest telescope with a diameter of 80 centimeters and 10 supplementary telescopes. Inside the building, there is an astronomy gallery, audio & visual material room, and both main and auxiliary observation rooms. Located in a mountainous region in the inland of Gangwon-do, Yeongwol has a clean natural environment free from pollution. As such, it has an annual average of 192 days of clear skies (50%) for star viewing.

* The nation’s largest star observatory
* Located 800 meters above sea level for optimum viewing
* Combine your visit with rafting, caves, or paragliding
* Has the biggest astronomical telescope of 80 centimeters in diameter
* Enjoy the forest, self-control training center, and outdoor stage in the woods
Opening date
Oct 13, 2001
Every Monday
Hiking Course
Jangneung-Cheongnyeongpo-Gossigul Cave-Byeolmaro Observatory
1 hour
Activity Information
Celestial observations
Operating Hours
The observatory is open from 3pm to 11pm in the summer season (May~August), and from 2pm to 10pm in the winter season (September~April).
Parking Facilities
60 parking spaces
Admission Fees
* Adult (age over 19) 5,000 won / Group (20 people or more) 4,000 won
* Student (age 6-18) 4,000 won / Group (20 people or more) 3,000 won
* Free - Disabled visitors and one assistant, children aged 6 and younger
* Reservation required prior to visiting for groups.
* No group reservations accepted on Friday-Sunday, holidays or during peak season (July-August)
Available Facilities
Astrology projection room, audio-visual room, observation deck and lounge, secondary observatory room, hosting chamber
Korean Info. Service
QR Service Code
From Yeongwol Bus Terminal or Station take a taxi to Byeolmaro Observatory (별마로 천문대) - about 10km, ride 20~30 min.

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